The Fabulous Destiny of Andrea

Andrea has spent much of her life travelling, tasting and cooking across Europe. She developed her skills in the company of the best European chefs in the footsteps of her father, himself a chef. She then surprised Hollywood by becoming the first female chef in Los Angeles. A whole generation of Americans learned Italian cooking with her in the TV series she hosted, Mangia Mangia.

Andrea selects for her gastronomic boutiques only the finest creations for their taste, their quality and your enjoyment. All products have a story and Andrea shares it down to the smallest detail.

From her culinary treasures, Andrea designs gourmet goods full of adventure, sunshine and original flavors. Her extraordinary signature products include a fabulous strawberry basil vodka jam, a truffle foie gras meat pie and elegantly aromatic butters. Her main ingredient? Pure pleasure evolved in all colors and flavors to excite our countless taste buds. No wonder Santa Claus is her biggest customer!

andy with whisk & oranges

Andrea develops and writes thousands of recipes every year. She has written more than 100 cookbooks, not counting recipes for international websites.

Numerous talented epicurean artisans across the globe confide their trust in Andrea – from fair-trade olive oil producers from South Africa to Lebanon, vinegar producers from Chianti, chocolate makers worldwide, artisan pasta makers in Brittany and Tuscany, to the craftsmen of fiery sauces and divine elixirs of all continents.

Andrea’s mission is to share all her culinary experience to help you discover how little pleasures can be transformed into a great gastronomic delight. Andrea believes cooking and eating are a daily ritual between friends and family.

Andrea Jourdan La Boutique aims to make it possible for everyone to enjoy jams, sauces, pasta and many other gourmet marvels, but especially to appreciate food without anxiety and without fuss, in elegance and refinement.

« Life is beautiful in the kitchen! »

Andrea Jourdan La Boutique is THE fine food shop

for all gourmets in Montreal.

Unique in its own style, combining a search for flavors, elegance and authenticity, this hot spot for foodies is filled with surprises for gourmets. Products are either made in our lively commercial kitchen under chef Andrea’s supervision, or are imported from around the globe and selected amongst the finest in the world for their originality, homemade-like production and their taste.

Founded in March 2016, Andrea Jourdan La Boutique is a story of family, friendship and passion for anything culinary and fine food.

From black olive caviar to a strawberry basil vodka jam, you will find everything to put your taste buds to the test.

Discover the story of products selected by Andrea Jourdan around the globe and the best way to enjoy them, through the competent advise of our Gourmet Experts on-site or through the numerous cookbooks written by Andrea Jourdan.

Our product line, from caramels to condiments, as well as pestos or foie gras, will satisfy even the fussiest !

Come to our Boutiques to explore flavors from here and abroad, guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding gourmets and surprise your culinary habits… Your guests will be flabbergasted. With little effort, your kitchen will resemble a restaurant. Your table will lighten up with unusual scents and lively colors.

Drop by Andrea Jourdan La Boutique: you deserve it!

Note for large groups: thematic evenings with tasting are available for 8 to 12 persons.